White 7 UK Ltd  was formed in March 2012 and began trading in September of that year and was created to provide the ultimate in chauffeuring experiences. In researching the market, we found numerous types of vehicles being used from the very old to the more recent type of vehicle. We decided to select the modern style of vehicle and therefore selected the international brand of BMW and the colour white as the basis for our vehicles with cream leather interiors. The vehicle itself being the award winning ‘7’ series executive limousine As BMW themselves state, ‘ the ultimate driving machine.’

Our chauffeurs have been personally selected to satisfy the extremely high standards required at White 7 UK Ltd . Some have been either been serving police officers or ex – military personnel and as such have considerable experience in managing situations with the public. This adds some comfort and security to our clients in an uncertain world. White 7 UK Ltd  is a member of The British Chauffeurs Guild based in London and our chauffeurs follow the ethics and code of practice of this respected organisation.

Our services to meet client requirements are varied as detailed in the various sections of our website. So whether you are dining out, going to the airport or travelling between appointments, we provide the very best service to get you there in style, safety and comfort. We strive to be: ‘The Ultimate Chauffeuring Experience.’