5 reasons why you should join the white 7 Franchise

Since 2012 we have been building the White 7 brand in Shropshire with the intention of taking the company nationally through a franchise operation. We have proven to ourselves that the brand is robust and required by both the discerning private or corporate client. The chauffeuring market is primarily divided into two parts, the licensed and the non-licensed market. The wedding market as an example is not licensed even though the chauffeuring company is carrying fare paying passengers. The private hire market is a licensed activity and as such chauffeuring companies around the United Kingdom have to be licensed by their local council authority. Each council will have its own interpretation of the licencing rules. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in attaining a licence wherever you are located in the United Kingdom.

White 7 has a stringent selection process and a very strict code of ethics but comprehensive training will be given by both ourselves and the British Chauffeurs Guild based in London. It is not really what you have done to date that matters but rather what you can do going forward. As a Franchisee of White 7, you will not only be the ‘ Franchisee ‘ but also the business owner operating from your designated region. Whether you chauffeur personally or attain licenced chauffeurs to assist you is a matter for your own discretion. Whilst the qualities of the Franchisee / chauffeur is of course extremely important, we often say that the ‘ car is the star.’ The BMW 7 Series is indeed one of – if not the – leading executive vehicles operating in the country. Complete with all the required refinements the discerning client would expect from a first class chauffeured executive vehicle company. A privilege to be a part of whether you are the client or the chauffeur. If you would like to be a part of this exciting business opportunity, please contact us at White 7 on 01743 360007 or [email protected].