As culture and expectation change in all areas of preparation we have invested in a Business Development Director to guide us through several wedding cultures. Where the average wedding expenditure doubles to that of a traditional British wedding. Therefore there are requirements for multiple vehicles to meet the increased demand but all in the traditional White 7 branding. Rajan Singh joins White 7 UK Limited as Business Development Director Rajan’s background is in media and television and is well respected in the market place we wish to attract.

Asian weddings have a host of rituals, ceremonies and customs which add so much to making them so unique, rich in colour and special. Often Asian wedding ceremonies and traditions have a long history with deep rooted meaning and religious significance. There are a number of important aspects to any wedding occasion not least of all the transportation to ensure the bride, her groom and all their friends and family arrive safely for the ceremony. White 7 has the experience and the gleaming white BMW cars to help you make it a perfect day.